About me

Artur Bosak O mnie

Africa Super is a great motorcycle “I love her”, but I love my wife the most. Hi, maybe I’ll introduce myself first. My name is Arthur, I am 46 years old and I am “standard motorcyclist”. I’m glad that you are here and I invite you to find out something about me. Of course, call me by name…. Just Artii.

Few words about me

My adventure with motorcycles began a few years ago. I had various motorcycles, at the very beginning of my adventure. First there was of course “Romet Motorynka” on which you could wheele with no problem, then the good “Hound”(pl:”Ogar”), and I will not mention our “Kobuz”, “WSK” or vehicles from behind the German wall or Czechoslovakia. Time goes by, we grow up, we start families, our children are getting older, time goes by and we go with it. The years go by, the hair falls out and any leftovers has a strange color change. Well the man does not grow younger, so it’s time to get back on two wheels. And then it started…  There was a Yamaha Stratoliner VX 1900 (beautiful engine), HD Heritage Softfail Classic, then the Suzuki Bandit 1250 GT “the touring motorcycle”, but none of them was so completely satisfactory. All the bikes I had were fun and I had smile on my face when I rode them, but I was always missing something. After I sold  my most recent motorcycle, the journey began in search of a motorcycle that would give me a reasonable compromise between comfort and versatility. It was supposed to be a comfortable and relatively universal motorcycle. After testing various motorbikes, the choice fell on the Honda Africa Twin CRF 1000L DCT. Yes with DCT! But you could ask – an automatic transmission in a motorcycle ???? Why and what for? And who needs it? Some of my friends said that I bought a scooter, not a motorcycle. Well everyone has the right to have their own opinion. My scooter – motorcycle is just like I was looking for. Conveniently, comfortably, you can ride on pavement, gravel or mud. And in my opinion, the DCT works awesome, it suits me. The best thing is that, I and my “Czarnulka” are not very fond of highways. For two years I have traveled over 55,000 kilometers across Africa on our Polish roads, or a little sightseeing in Europe. I know that the choice of Africa Twin was the best possible choice. Therefore, after two seasons, I traded one “Czarnula” to another “Czarnula” to continue enjoying the ride.

Maybe a little moto gadget ??? Only which ???

After buying a motorcycle, I wanted to put on a few accessories, change the look, personalize it. I wanted my motorcycle to be different from all other Africa. After looking at the offer of accessories available on the market, I found them to be cool, but not quite meeting my expectations. After thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that I would make accessories for my bike myself. The first was a deflector. First drawn on paper, then cardboard and plastic. Unfortunately, the plastic deflector looked… well, plastic is plastic. I made a pattern in aluminum, painted it black and mounted. The effect was satisfactory, but only for a few days. I started figuring out how to change the look of the deflector. Change it to make it more visible, change it so that it not only serves as a protective function, but is also a nice aesthetic addition to my motorcycle. An idea emerged for applying various graphic patterns or inscriptions to the deflectors. After making the first deflector with graphics, it turned out that the effect was really good, and best of all – this form of finish are also loved by other African brothers. Therefore, I thought that maybe I will actually do them also for others as well. Slowly, in small steps, taking care of the aesthetics of workmanship and ensuring the high quality of accessories, something started to happen in my head and workshop. Despite the lack of media support, a team of advisers, I told myself well, I’m getting older so it’s time to move. The deflector has earned the reputation of a well-made and quality accessory for a motorcycle. Supported by this opinion, I found that maybe it would be worth doing something more, especially that I had a lot of fun doing the deflector. The group of my clients is small, but I hope that thanks to grapevine this noble group will grow. I hope that thanks to your support and good word, more and more people will learn about my existence, giving me the opportunity to develop further. I don’t have a design office with programs and computers, a team that will draw the calculations of a given product. I manually change each idea into a prototype. I make it myself, first on paper, then from plastic, and then as a finished product, made of aluminum or steel. It is a long, monotonous and costly process, but despite that – my method of making additions will not change, because this method of production gives me 100% certainty that the element will fit. I know that the assortment is not large, but I also know that everything I do is well made, the fixings are matched and there is no problem with assembly. In order to mount my accessories, you don’t need to change anything on your motorcycle. Each resulting product is repeatedly screwed, unscrewed and corrected until a satisfactory effect is obtained. I assume that the simpler the assembly, the greater the satisfaction of the assembler. Slowly, with small steps, the number of accessories increases. “Slowly” does not mean that I am lazy, I am just precise. It is important to me that my products are of high quality and that they do not require any interference in the structure of the motorcycle during assembly. Fitting accessories to the motorcycle is supposed to be a pleasure, not a reason for a few more gray hairs, if there is something left from them. So let something happen, let something be created because this is what it is about  – for something to happen. This is the end of sitting on the butt, it’s time to tighten the buttocks and go to work.

Feelings about …

It is nice to see a motorcycle with the addition of your production, and even nicer when you hear from the buyer that the product is great, that it is cool and meets the expectations and it is as it should be. I mean nothing more than the high quality of the product, about people’s respect for people and trust. Large companies have taken over the market, a team of people who work for them do their job well, so it is difficult for people like me to exist in the shadow of large companies. I try to have direct contact with everyone who is interested in my products, I know that I do not always answer immediately for what I am sorry, but I always answer whether it is a question or a comment.

That is what I want …

Sometimes we want to have something “ours” with a nickname and a graphic, I can write whatever you want on the products I make. I can engrave anything on the accessories I make, and the only limitation is our imagination. And that fear….  because what people will say … You can buy a deflector or other accessory from my offer for yourself, or as a gift for a friend, without fear that something will not fit – my every product has to fit. I am open to suggestions, willing to cooperate with workshops, showrooms, fan clubs.

I am diligent and thorough, I take every order seriously, see my products, place an order, maybe I can do something for you. If You want form me to do something for you, send a message or call me to talk.

I can offer you:

Visit my website, invite your friends and inspire me to do more. The world is small, especially our Motorcycle World. Out of respect for myself, I respect others.

See you on the road and take care