Forkshield metal engraved DG CRF 1000

Forkshield metal engraved DG CRF 1000


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Forkshield metal engraved DG CRF 1000

Dedicated to motorcycle HONDA AFRICA TWIN CRF 1000

Do you experience helmet vibration when riding your motorcycle (ATS) at higher speeds? The airflow coming directly from the “LAG” (front shock absorbers) is directed at the helmet and the rider’s face which is neither nice nor pleasant. After installing the deflector at speeds up to 140 km / h you can freely travel with the windshield open (of course, as long as the windshield is mounted).

Deflector is made of 1 mm thick aluminum, GRAPHICS ARE ENGRAVED not stickers

Before installing, slightly bend the Forkshield in your fingers on the kink in the part that is closer to the front wheel .

Deflector Name: DG CRF 1000

Polish product – made entirely in Poland

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